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The idea

Every day there are sport competitions, above all in the amateur area. gmbh equips sports fields and gymnasiums with a camera which transfers the event live, innovatively, at a reasonable price and in high quality. In a user-friendly way and mobile-optimised. Why? We want to show sport of Germany and offer therefore to all enthusiasts the possibility to be present with their favorite event, by smartphone, laptop or TV-Screen.

The heart of is a unique 180-degree camera technology. The prominent innovation of the camera is its software which is able to follow the play automatically – without any chip into the ball or tricot. To use the camera, merely attaching an about 30 cm high, 15-cm-wide box is necessary. This is fastened in (in the side line height of the centre line) lighting column.

In the centre of the technology stands Here the signals gather together, here the entrance for the world of sports livestreams. There is even more information all around the sporttotal camera, users and partners:

We offer

  • 360°-camera technology
  • Autonomous filming
  • Amateur spors
  • Digital plattforms


Caroline Päffgen // Director

Phone: +49 [0] 221 788 77 0